fir Platform advantage

Safe and stable operation for more than ten years, to provide you with better distribution services

Stable platform operation

fir run for more than ten years

Serve many customers

fir has served more than 100,000+ customers

Strong professional skills

Maintained by a hundred offline technical team

Good customer service

fir provide you with 7*24 hours customer service

Quick after-sales solution

fir provide manual BUG assistance

Technical advantages

Professional technical team to provide safer guarantee

A number of technical patents

Fir Platform technology has so far obtained more than 130 invention patents

Easily deal with large concurrency

Fir platform adopts distributed deployment, with load balancing, which can easily cope with large concurrency

Real-time data synchronization

Fir real-time global synchronization and hot backup of platform data, making data more secure

Low latency, fast response

Fir platform-wide dynamic acceleration, lower delay and faster response

Data security and controllable

Professional technical guarantee, data security and controllable is our most important promise to you

fir's stable

Fir platform cloud disk data reliability is not less than 99.99%, automatic downtime migration, automatic multi-line backup, safe and convenient data recovery

fir's safe

Fir data transmission and storage are strictly encrypted. fir adopts high-defense server, Web firewall, and anti-brute force cracking technology to ensure data security

fir's guarantee

Data is permanently stored without loss, fir can continue to provide complete storage and security solutions for business development, and timely recovery when problems occur

fir Platform benefits

We provide you with a variety of benefits to make your use more worry-free

Fir free download points upon completion of registration and authentication

Fir platform supports uploading large packages within 2G

Fir platform supports one code and two uses to automatically identify different models

Fir provide multiple sets of terminal download templates



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​IOS tf签名与企业签名对比而言,能相对稳定,无需担心它会很快掉签,也无需担心,什么时候软件会突然黑屏打不开!

2022-09-06 08:32:06

iOS TF签名制作流程很麻烦么?

2022-09-05 08:34:41

不掉签的iOS TF签名究竟要如何实现?
​不掉签的iOS TF签名究竟要如何实现?TF签名真的如传说中那样不会掉签吗?接下里,TF签名小编就来一一道来,且看下文是如何介绍的吧!

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